scouting 4 daagsekamp

How can u participate?

There are several ways of participation in the Scouts 4-Days Camp. You can be a walker, supporter, external participant or co-operator.

Walker: You are participating on the 4-Days Walking event, you must be a member of Scouts Netherlands and you will experience a fully catered week if you sign up as a walker. You can use all the facilities on the camp site.

Supporter: If you are not participating as a walker but you want to support the walkers in your group, you should sign up as a supporter. You can use the same facilities as the walkers, with the exception of hot meals. The amount of supporters allowed should be proportioned to the amount of walkers. As a guide line we have a 1 to 5 ratio. So, for example, in a group of 20 walkers, 4 people can sign up as supporters. In consultation we can deviate from it.

External participant: If you wish to use the facilities at the camp side and on rout, but you do not want to sleep there, sign up as an external participant.

Co-operator: Don't want to walk? Come over and help us as a co-operator.

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You can find the participants regulations here.

Every participant is expected to have read and agreed to the participants regulations and to keep to it.